Business practice base located in Yuhua District Changsha city Q

March 14, 2017

entrepreneurial incubation base to establish a good platform for entrepreneurship, which is the beginning of successful entrepreneurship, there are policy help, innovation will definitely not the same. Q business practice base located in Yuhua District Changsha City, people employment dream round.

3 31 days, reporters from Dongshan Street Yuhua District Changsha city learned that a training service center, Dongshan entrepreneurial practice Q base has been addressing the Dongshan building, in March this year has identified the construction decoration design plan and implementation plan base, the fastest will be put into operation at the end of August. By then, the base will not only drive the territory of landless peasants to embark on the road of independent employment and entrepreneurship, but also to attract outstanding talent in the surrounding area, to find opportunities to get rich dongshan.

in a training service center and Q business practice base, entrepreneurship, employment groups first to enjoy the skills training, job recommendation, project promotion, business support and consulting service of the whole process; second is the hardware give help and support, to provide free office space (including rent, office chairs, meeting conference room, broadband, air conditioning, etc.) to meet the conditions of entrepreneurs, so that they can be settled; finally, when its solid foundation, paving the way for them to market.



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