Hefei hi tech Zone, the silver government to take charge of the official opening of the business to

March 14, 2017


is a Small and micro businesses need to be maintenance business in the whole society, especially there are many Small and micro businesses because of the fierce social competition in the market, is also facing many difficulties, so the development of these enterprises but also help to promote economic development.

"silver political Dan" can solve the enterprise asset mortgage dilemma, but also reduce the guarantee rate of Small and micro businesses, it is tantamount to a "timely rain". The business that is a single household financing guarantee balance of 20 million yuan or less of small and micro enterprises, the risk of security in accordance with Guarantee Corporation, the province’s guarantee of 30%, the Cooperative Bank of the year 20%, where the level of fiscal 10% to share.

The launch of

the business, to achieve the government, guarantee institution and cooperative bank three party guarantee risk sharing mechanism, reduce the Silver Bear cooperation risk, improve the utilization rate, promote the bank guarantee, the government and security agencies to realize resource sharing, risk sharing, mutual benefit and win-win, reduce the social cost of financing, to better serve the real economy.

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