Franchising new projects – online shopping e-commerce venture

March 14, 2017

is not like the ancient times, the birth of a lot of new things caused a lot of new industries, such as the continuous promotion of the network, e-commerce and online shops have become a way of franchising.

investment to "open your eyes"

however, investors still need to be careful do not have the conditions for the franchisor Franchisee Recruitment situation, should pay attention to the "Regulations" in the franchising enterprises engaged in franchise activities must have the basic conditions of business resources and the "two stores a year", namely the franchisor franchising activities shall have at least two stores the operating time, and more than 1 years. This is mainly to put some workshops, empty malicious franchisee eliminated. In addition, the franchisor must fulfill the information disclosure, filing and other relevant legal obligations.

for new projects, investors should pay attention to "open taobao.com (micro-blog) shop business step by step" and "join the entrepreneurial success of the core elements and many other content.

the franchise industry wide

According to the

Franchise Exhibition

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