Specialty stores need to pay attention to what issues

March 14, 2017

now produces a variety of products is still very popular, consumers believe that this kind of product has distinctive characteristics, and is also superior quality. So now open specialty stores to make money? What are the issues that need attention? If you don’t know, you can take a look.

Analysis of

Analysis of

A, native species should be as rich as possible some. The operation of small grains, such as corn, soybean, mung bean, wheat kernel, cereal, peanut, red bean. Can business of dried fruits and edible products, such as walnut, almond, red dates and fungus, letinous edodes etc.. Can operate some processed products, such as vermicelli, vermicelli, seasonings

two, according to the market demand, the selection of native products and packaging, remove impurities, packaging gift box 1 or 2 kg packaging, packaging bags and packaging boxes should be beautifully printed, so as to attract customers; three, if the conditions can apply for trademark registration, the native products into the supermarket, can also be outward wholesale.

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