The entrepreneurs layoffs, pay cuts, cut business…… Just live for the coming year

March 14, 2017

Qiazhiyisuan, 2016 "balance" has been less than 1% this year, the company achieved outstanding achievements in looking forward to the next year, but for most entrepreneurs, this year was not comfortable.

is a more difficult to change. According to the Qing Branch statistics show that: in the first half of 2016 angel, VC and PE institutions raised a total of 909 new funds can be invested in mainland China, the number of newly raised funds fell by 46.2%. China’s private equity market in the first half of 2016 to complete a total of 3476 investment events, the number of investment cases fell by 24.7%. Second half of the capital is not obvious signs of warmer, investors cautious.

two mobile Internet dividend subsided. On the scale, the current China Mobile Internet users reached 1 billion (China Internet association data), the main development index slowed down, the scale of growth to reach the critical point. Under this background, you can see the beautiful figure, ink weather, this kind of phenomenon in the mobile Internet Co to the market. This year, in addition to live, rare explosion APP birth.

and most of the entrepreneurs, the flow structure changed significantly, the user’s attention is the vertical dispersion, the past put extensive has not worked, the cost has gone up. Electricity supplier inside, Ali, Jingdong, represented by the amount of mobile orders are around 80%, and the overall growth rate has slowed down significantly, the most obvious is that, by selling electricity supplier platform operators in the past on behalf of the electricity supplier is not doing a good job.

Internet entrepreneurs crowd, mostly around the BAT ecology, traditional industrial upgrading, so the changes in the environment is bound to lead the whole body".

on layoffs, cut business: long pain as short pain

through 2016, lived next year, is now the majority of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs the most realistic wish, has become the preferred way of layoffs.

star venture company is no exception, as far as I know, a well-known second-hand car electricity supplier layoffs, cut the business, and even this year will be canceled. Another well-known sharing of food and beverage company O2O, two months ago, almost half of the technology cut……

also drops fast, 58 fair, beauty group comment, mogujie.com said this a few big beautiful after the merger have layoffs, disguised layoffs (such as 996), even 360, LETV, HTC these companies in this year did not avoid the fate of layoffs. Not to mention the unknown startups.

how do you think about layoffs?

cuts do not represent the company without hope, even today bullish Ali, also experienced layoffs, or massive layoffs. In 2000, the global Internet hit burst, Ali, then Ma has B2B business in many parts of the world opened a branch, the company has not yet profitable, if according to the current account money burn down, hold at most a year.

Ma was called on the management of Ali held a "Zunyi conference", "

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