Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of different industries

March 14, 2017

fierce competition in various industries, and now want to start a successful business is a very important investment projects. Each industry has a relatively good brand development, business opportunities around us, the important thing is whether we can seize in time. The advantages and disadvantages of different industries are different.

1, clothing:

2, cosmetics:

input (a product distribution); decoration requirements, industry brand competition, purchase, investment is above 100 thousand (2-3 years of product shelf life, product limit) have effect on the skin.

3, food and snacks:

greasy, Business Hours long (early purchase, late closing), smoky hired chef, young people generally do not want to do, health management is very strict, competition requirements and special requirements are high store location.

4, shop: suitable for part-time, minor, time-consuming, need to understand the technology promotion.

5 and other loopholes: if not done Market Research in detail, the risk coefficient is hard to say.

6, the jewelry industry: industry brand competition, children market, less investment profits than other industries of high (3-5 times), unified product specifications, non seasonal goods, low threshold do not need professional training, do not want to do any sale to quit.

7, service diversification of urban convenience store industry

With the steady development of


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