Retail store location to grasp customer flow

March 14, 2017

, a retail store even if commodity is so complete, the decoration is so luxurious, but the door all day each figure, but also how to do business? As the saying goes "is popular in order to have wealth". Popularity is the basis for a good store. So, choose the site first to grasp good flow, the flow of people is greater, the greater the chance of sales, so retail stores can survive may.

to do this, the location of the retail store first close to the place where people tend to gather. Such as theatres, parks, large entertainment venues, schools near or around the enterprises and government departments that from this population closer, the greater the chance of sales, shop in this kind of place, one can attract the entry of pedestrians, on the other hand is easy to make customers remember this shop location, achieve sales.

the selected locations to have a vision of the future, should be based on long-term business, the site selection population increased faster, with the pace of the transformation of the city continues to increase, some of the original was not optimistic about the place for residents, schools and government departments such as relocation, in these places will bring unexpected popularity, long-term development potential the huge, at this time, you can quickly start to take heart, favorable geographical location, to win business opportunities.

for retail stores must grasp the direction, east-west streets best south south back north sunshine, especially in winter, will give people a comfortable shopping; north-south streets better sit east of the west, as far as possible to avoid the door to the west of the site. As the saying goes, "facing the west, cold summer deceived" open in such a position, in the summer, the sun can always shine on the west side of the shop wall, so that the shop is very hot, the customer shopping quiet heart. At the same time, the northwest wind in the winter irrigation came in, but also makes the shop unusually cold, easy to catch the customer.

The best choice in the

location main road intersection intersection, but a good place, here is the collection of vehicles, people always on the move places here shop to engage in business, labor and worry, worry about the source, as long as you can do business integrity management, is not good to the retail store, is not an easy thing. But we should pay attention to a little better, selected locations in this kind of place, as long as the conditions permit from the road, the closer the better, not too far away, one difference, it is possible to make your business performance far.

of course, a suitable shop location can be not only a large flow of people can, but also need to consider more aspects. In some places, although the flow of people, but the location of your shop is not good, it is easy to lose the opportunity to sell. For the location of retail outlets, and do not choose in road slope big place, too high or too low are not desirable is too high, increase the difficulty of the customer into the store is not convenient; too low a customer easily ignored, on the one hand will reduce the retail grade, not easy to highlight. So, in this case, the best location.

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