Jiang Likun cheat cheat! The church 8 successful tricks for your business

March 11, 2017

editor: back in 2015, entrepreneurship and investment fiery is often in retrospect, is full of excitement., entrepreneurial projects more dazzling, baked sweet potato, selling pancakes with a two-dimensional code, with a Arabian Nights like story, can pull to investment; China full day flight carrying a sack of money angel that wayward will sack the money inside the bulk to China; the concept of investment amount to the sudden popularity of hundred million, or $500, a financial million greet each office feel shy; every day is all below APP to push to send gifts to be with the gift to get hand cramps…

but after the dust settles, the tide, is what we see today? Jianglikun to breaking a finger count, the number of entrepreneurship in the cheat, they may have been found, but many are continuing to unfold…

a, exaggerated origin

BAT is an outstanding representative of the Internet Chinese, venture capital investment in the circle, who was born in BAT, entrepreneurs should be more attractive than other entrepreneurs, so some entrepreneurs began to try to move closer to the BAT, worked at BAT in the synagogue, and the emperor said that he was responsible for the products in the BAT, even if he has in the BAT there has been no odd jobs, will have done the core product of the services they have to BAT.

of course not worked at BAT if fraud would not normally do a survey, because investors will be able to know, so some people and friends agreed, claiming that the founder of friends of the company and the project, and to turn the tide of the core role in it, this way in a lot of entrepreneurs are users. Take a very low probability.

two, partner with investors or managers to deceive

was founded in 2015 a lot of venture capital funds, there is a lot of traditional industry bosses do, they have money, but no experience, so the choice seems very safe with the vote, this is the general mentality of traditional boss, but just to the premise of a very good professional angel from drumming flowers. Some angel investors or venture capital fund manager and entrepreneur partnership, just a packaging project, very low cost, then fooled some traditional boss and cast into the A round, then gradually their cash holdings.

is even more powerful, special website, pull a number of angel investors to engage the public platform, with the investment business, thus defrauding ordinary investors money.

has a friend to jianglikun broke the news, the so-called investment company has evolved into a lot of investment intermediary to help entrepreneurs around the rich fudge, deception, and pull the successful financing can get financing from 5-15%.

three, like brush, brush out the bright future of

brush alone is not the original Internet Co, as long as there is no time when the Internet swept the country, older people remember once a year

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