Entertainment innovative marketing to create a new realm of brand awareness

March 11, 2017

entertainment innovative marketing to create a new realm of corporate brand awareness

out of the survival and development of the enterprise, in the face of the crisis and the plight of the market strategy and marketing strategy will also make different choices. Especially in today’s highly developed social media industry, the integration of information and the choice of marketing strategy has become a compulsory course for many enterprises.

held in 2009 in Beijing, the world media summit, pointed out that in the digital, networking era, the world’s media industry environment and pattern is undergoing profound changes. Challenges and opportunities coexist, opportunities outweigh challenges. Actively adapt to the trend of the times, full use of high-tech achievements, strengthen interaction with the user, to encourage the participation of the audience, will help promote the transformation and progress of the world’s media industry. Is the same reason for enterprise marketing management, whether it is engaged in what industry, communication and the interaction with the user is the only rule of enterprise marketing. Especially in the ever-changing market, emerging industries need innovation, while the traditional industry is more need to break through the original model, to seek more new opportunities for development and marketing.

2009, cross-border marketing has become a novice in the field of marketing, learning and cooperation between different industries, and promote the development of each other, but also to provide users with more choices. For example, a domestic fast food enterprise and a combination of online games, placing game account in their product packaging and reward cards, the similar products in the sales increased by nearly 30%. The automotive industry from home appliances, cars to the countryside launched promotional activities, but also greatly boosted surge in domestic automobile consumer market, not only brings profit for the enterprise, but also to stimulate domestic demand, has brought positive effects to promote economic growth.

at the end of 2009, the domestic authority of the media marketing "successful marketing" magazine was held in Shenzhen Marketing Forum, invited many well-known marketing experts, business representatives and media units, the annual inventory of common domestic marketing case, summarize the experience to break under stress Chinese enterprises, analysis under the new environment of new marketing mode.

in Shenzhen local high-tech enterprises EVOC group as an example, the EVOC is a company engaged in special computer products research and development of industrial manufacturing enterprises, marketing mode for B2B. From the 09 year suddenly Zoupian Jian Feng, using a variety of entertainment marketing industry created a precedent. At the beginning of EVOC group trying to bid Manchester United Jersey chest advertising issue, has led to many domestic mainstream media attention. Subsequently, together with the film star Alec Su to carry out environmental protection public welfare activities. More surprisingly, EVOC group also launched at the end of the year starring the employees of the entertainment video for "P brother legend", the incident became a hot topic of the major video sites. These non conventional marketing practices, not only to expand the EVOC social visibility, but also with a head for a large number of domestic enterprises. For example, Sichuan Tengzhong Hummer merger case, is to learn from the financial crisis of EVOC overseas hunters negotiation model. The subsequent "Patriot" became a general sponsor of the United Kingdom and was a step by step

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