Those strong, fallen forum, now okay

March 11, 2017

July 28th, China’s largest Forum web site announced the closure of the banner of immediate closure. The banner network announced that the immediate termination provides content services, the website has only announced. It is understood that in early July the banner of network has stopped updating, but the official did not always give any explanation. Dark horse inventory of the previous generation of people in the forum is also strong, has fallen.

2009 is the node of the BBS community by Sheng Zhuanshuai, users rate fell for the first time, those that have left the Arena Master Paizhuan, without looking back again. BBS and a crowd of shouting "die die print", cried a lot of years, really died a large, not only a banner network. Live like, Xicihutong is also coming in, no vitality. But Baidu post bar, Tianya two Chinese Internet world once mastered the network culture to the community, live well.

those strong:


NO.1 Xicihutong

the early spring of 1998, the young teachers Liu Hu spare time at home developed Xicihutong prototype, is the first Chinese area comprehensive community website. Since the early days, that is the first " open operation mode free sample, independent management", this simple and efficient without commercial mode reflects the Internet freedom and openness, by many users. Since the user has built version of the discussion of more than 800 thousand registered users, 30 million.


but since 2000 is the acquisition of elong, commercial farther, profit model is relatively simple. The operation team even began to direct selling and post layout, advertising more and more crowded, and finally a lot of space left to the user, are those who brush advertising, and even many of the top posts automatic robot. In the rapid development of the Internet in West Temple ten years have gradually fall behind.

March 2015, elong to 76 million 500 thousand yuan was transferred to Zijin huiwen. Liu Hu issued such a paragraph in the micro-blog: " finally got out of control, eLong gratifying! I always think that is art dragon kill Xici, because it is not allowed to have their own Technology Department, always let the work for elong. finally belong to us. Although Jiangsu Zijin headquarters in Changzhou, but also regarded as their own people."

but it’s still too slow for a new social era in which the communities are not doing well.


NO.2 community

was founded in 1997 Chinese is the birthplace of the Internet popular culture, mainly in the hodgepodge and posted two products. The earliest just as a game site, to discuss the TV game. This natural entertainment attribute has created a number of networks

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