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March 10, 2017

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 9th news, yesterday (June 8) officially announced the community electricity supplier red book in November last year has been completed by GGV (GGV) lead investor B round of financing, the current round of financing, GGV managing partner Tong Shihao (Hans  Tung) was added to the red book, the board of directors.

little red book is an overseas shopping information sharing community, on-line early 2014, has accumulated tens of millions of users. According to reports, the little red book mode is the use of a user to produce UGC content and active mobile social network sharing and cross-border electricity supplier selection of unique community business. Users can find the good things in the world here, the shopping scene under the line moved to the line, and join the real endorsement of the purchase of users.

following Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Dangdang and other Internet platforms have been involved in the field of cross-border electricity supplier, and now the competition has entered the fierce competition in the field of cross-border electricity supplier. However, due to asymmetric information, the user can not fully understand the shopping overseas shopping information, do not know what to buy. Little red book as a cut in order to share the community to start shopping, recommended for users to buy overseas products.

, in contrast, the traditional Taobao / Jingdong model users will be purchased after drying single, pay attention to the user’s purchase experience, suitable for word of mouth and the spread of the effect of a more mature brand. The electricity supplier micro stores in a social form of a user driven to friends and fictional identity information, user oriented and point-to-point communication, suitable for small brands, but it is difficult to form a scale.

and the two models are different, the little red book claimed that the new community business model leading to information driven, user generated content, the real social information flow, the line will be bestie when shopping impulse moved online consumption scenarios.

little red book product positioning is: a provision of outbound shopping information, share shopping needs and experiences of the platform, the collection of people around the experience of the people, to provide detailed Raiders of the outbound shopping enthusiasts. The little red book co-founder Qu Fang said, unlike other electronic business platform is the little red book is a sharing platform is an access to consumer information, and did not become the electricity supplier, but is to help you find the good things. We compare the little red book to the sea Amoy version of know almost is based on this.

GGV, managing partner of Tong Shihao said, "the little red book is a very good product, founder, and cross-border electricity providers are on the air, just to catch up with 85 to 90 users of high-end consumer force rise, before Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, vip.com   over the years to cultivate a good user online shopping habits, is also an excellent match" product market".

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