The capital of the cold will not be forced O2O foam away

March 10, 2017

Abstract: cold winter between capital and O2O can equate? Of course not. In fact, capital cold conducive forced O2O foam receded, the extent of O2O spring has just begun.


for nearly a month, because of the market crash, the domestic venture capital market suffered cold, cold industry especially the lack of entrepreneurship, O2O winter is coming "sound.

with online crazy pass a copy of O2O’s "death list", said the past two years to automobile, beauty, catering and other 16 industries nearly 300 O2O companies closed down, the death list is so many O2O entrepreneurs shiver all over though not cold.


and O2O between capital cold winter can equate? Of course not. In fact, capital cold conducive forced O2O foam receded, the extent of O2O spring has just begun.

O2O high foam

is currently the Internet field of venture capital, the blind pursuit of capital with a lot of entrepreneurs, investors are many, both sides are willing to me in your case, through the O2O outlet, will be the greater the bubble blowing, blowing more.

while the fanatical pursuit of the capital of entrepreneurs, in fact distorted the law of China’s O2O market. In the process of pursuing, but also develop a lot of bad habits.

: a bad burn

the current O2O field, burn is the most successful marketing means, users got subsidies, businesses increased water, harvest capital transactions platform, getting the story in the short term, it seems that the parties are good, so a O2O showing a "no fire Huan" situation.

but with the passage of time, entrepreneurs are increasingly aware of the high subsidies harvest is price sensitive users, they have no loyalty to the platform." Behind the huge sum of subsidies, the need to continue to enter a large amount of financing, otherwise the financing chain once broken, there will be O2O companies fall.

bad habits two: finance fraud

the current venture capital circle, but the financing seems to be embarrassed to quote. After a home improvement O2O practitioners revealed that after they announced the amount of financing, the friends in the then exposed the amount of financing, the units of measurement by RMB to dollars.

exaggerated false financing amount, is a venture capital circle open unspoken rule. According to the Tencent technology report, "more than 80% start-up companies will become false financing, the RMB dollar financing amount multiplied by 3 times 5 times too ordinary, even multiplied by 10 times the performance and put in place There are plenty of people who, according to the situation of staged investment into disposable financing is a widespread method."

in the eyes of financial writer Wu Xiaobo, announced that the water is not only the issue of China’s financing, but the financing will eventually move towards securitization, financing fraud is not necessary. < >

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