Old domain name now Review the first 100.Com domain names registered

March 10, 2017

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) October 14th – 1982, the computer began to spread, into ordinary families and schools, in order to facilitate ordinary users can access the network, "the domain name" as the character identification into ordinary people’s field of vision, through the DNS analysis to IP. As a unique feature of the domain name, the world’s first registered 100.COM domain names, the status quo and how?


1985: the first.Com domain name was born

March 15, 1985, the first.COM symbolics.com domain name registration is successful, the same year the number of registered.COM domain name only 6 last year, an increase of 54, to November 10, 1987, 100th.COM nynexst.com domain name registration, domain name registration from the first.COM time in two years and eight months.

in today’s perspective, these 100 domains are not domain name a good product, but its history is still valuable, and the use of the site is good, visit in the 100 domain, only 17 has not been enabled, 1 domain names for sale, the station has 71 the rest is enabled, but set the hyperlink or not station.

originally, the domain name symbolics.com by a computer maker business, however, the company went bankrupt in 90s, the domain name is transferred, the domain name is diligent diligently, has in the past 30 years, the oldest of the site remains a design style that year.

HP, IBM, Intel domain name in which


in the 100 "antique", HP, IBM, Intel, apple, PHILPS, and the domain name recently removed Chinese branch Adobe and other well-known international companies were among them.

HP official website domain name hp.com registered in March 3, 1986, has been nearly 29 years of history. Hewlett-Packard Co was founded in 1939, after the acquisition of EDS in August 2008, becoming the world’s second largest IT services company. IBM (International Business Machines Limited by Share Ltd) was earlier than HP, founded in 1911, the official website of the domain name ibm.com registered in March 19, 1986.

, the world’s largest semiconductor company Intel official website domain name intel.com is also listed in the 100, registered in March 25, 1986. Apple Corp, formerly known as Apple Com puter Inc, was founded in April 1976, in January 2007 changed its name, the official website domain name apple.com registered in February 19, 1987. However, another computer company Microsoft’s official website domain name is not in the 100, the domain name microsoft.com registration

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