hate eternal! The terminal missed married the domain name

March 10, 2017

renamed Chinese ( December 25th – the day before, "donkey mother" brand name was shot away with the price of 291 thousand yuan, small sigh three spell CN domain name shoot 6 digit price at the same time, also for the brand protection donkey mother distraught. Of course, such as the brand name of the transaction is the case, donkey mother is not the first, in the domain name, there are many similar tragedy.

confused for a while: Alibaba let opponents buy

speaking on the brand value of domain name protection in China, one of the best Alibaba absolutely, but so much brand domain name protection Alibaba is a "smart as a rule, when a confused", a few months ago, Alibaba woolly headed again, let the strong rival bought under the brand name "go." the brand name, which also enabled to build domain name put up a pageantry international ticket website.



at the end of October, the Alibaba launched a sub brand of "go out" in the limelight of high-profile, high-profile but also miserable to forget to protect the brand Quanpin domain name, that night, was purchased from overseas airlines brother Wei, after two days, the domain name was sold, the buyer is said to be a a start-up team, but with the domain name enabled, the mysterious buyers surfaced, unexpectedly is where Ali competitor to the industry, the moment where it be struck dumb, laugh so hard "". Today, has become the go to where the overseas brand, I do not know what my Alibaba


rage is useless: Betta TV domain or fall into the hands of YY

and Alibaba as miserable and live video website last week, TV Betta, Betta TV brand name was traced to the price of 2 million yuan to change hands, when people are still figuring out buyers what is holy, so generous, but then a domain name Betta TV statement, although not specifically who is the buyer but many netizens are guessing is the same with live video game business YY.



: Betta TV


, domain name now built overseas websites, but before the building game live video site, also only in the side of Betta TV anxious to look for friends has repeatedly stressed that the official domain name If the buyer is YY, and then a similar situation but deep pocketed Alibaba, this year before the establishment of TV and YY compared to old Betta counterparts, is very weak.

YouTube domain name is auctioned


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