To shop through VS direct number, who can put heart flower road

March 10, 2017

Internet mobile devices have become capable of controlling the entire Internet economy and a troika, gathering more and more online traffic is no longer able to meet the needs of Internet enterprise development, transformation of more value is the real Internet online marketing to achieve the purpose of development of mobile Internet, for many, more and more the hidden application in the mobile phone into a mobile Internet development of new market, after WeChat Tencent has developed quickly, Baidu direct number of high-profile layout, in order to mobile market share, while the 360 also began a low-key plan, recently launched to shop through the business, the Internet giants have been fighting by the Internet the environment into the development of marketing applications for smart devices in the contest, only to flow into the Benefit, to the way "put heart flower road".

improve marketing force grid artifact

Whether it is

or to shop through direct number, from the use of sense, is a kind of pure service to all businesses and users, to bridge between businesses and users, more show business opportunities, from this perspective, no matter what kind of competition is very favorable for the development of the whole social marketing, to solve docking businesses and users to use a simple whole service software, whether it is Baidu search engine or 360 to shop, is to maximize the user information gathering and realized via a search optimization method, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that 88% of users are concerned about mobile advertising in the intelligent mobile phone. Compared with TV and PC Internet advertising media, of which 55% of users said they welcome more mobile advertising, indeed, no matter what form of marketing communication, mobile internet marketing application has become a tool to improve the whole marketing process "forced".

market differentiation intensified, giant showdown

market is always the myriads of changes, especially in the Internet market, the mobile Internet market has become a market giant war, although the same function, but the product differentiation is the only driving force throughout the development of the Internet, the search to shop through dial-up become the biggest advantage, direct marketing by number, compared to marketing SMS and telephone marketing more flavor, direct number of search engine service based on the online traffic transformation is an effective promotion, therefore, to distinguish products market users brought has become a pillar of the development of the Internet giant.

traffic realized, is the biggest winner

The application of

in whatever form, is through an indirect means to dig through the service users, for businesses, is not only a deep mining user, more important is through the mining showcase behind the marketing and behind the cash flow, the flow is no longer the most important factor in the development of flow into. It is the most important way, through the effective transformation flow brings a new experience for businesses is the important way of the development of Internet marketing.


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