B2C site before the official operation of thousands of search network CEO Guo Hongchi founded

March 10, 2017


West Street Network CEO Guo Hongchi

Tencent Francisco December 22nd message, B2C clothing site West after a month after the trial operation today officially launched, this is our network CEO Guo Hongchi after leaving the stove first B2C clothing website founded.

it is understood that the west street network positioning for sports and leisure apparel online shopping mall, covering goods, including Nike, Adidas, KAPA, Lining and other well-known sports and leisure brand clothing, shoes and accessories. West Street this model with the Chinese Zappos, said the focus on the sale of genuine shoes on the Internet site is very close to buy a good music, but its focus on sports and leisure apparel.

Guo Hongchi today in an interview with Tencent science and technology, said the West Street trial operation for more than an average of 20 times a day, about 30, but mainly in the industry for testing. West Street line will use a month’s time to make more improvements to the website processes, service processes, logistics and so on. Wait until the various processes, services have been well improved, the network will be launched after the Spring Festival large-scale promotion."

is reported that Guo Hongchi has 10 years of work experience in the e-commerce industry, served as vice president of independent shop system shopex. Prior to the creation of the west street network, was the site of the Millennium search B2C CEO, the site is mainly for domestic users to sell overseas goods, and has received hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in South Korea SK telecom.

however, due to the management team and some of the company’s executives to invest in Korea SK Telecom strategic differences, including CEO Guo Hongchi, including a number of executives in June this year to leave, then founded the West Street network.

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