Personal webmaster, in fact, to apply for a more cost-effective agent

March 10, 2017

a lot of webmaster, the domain name on the other agents. Direct user. The last time I asked a few domestic very cattle X level. They are also direct users.

so come out 2 questions. In general, the direct user price is 130-150 yuan a year. 7 years, the price is about equal to 1000. If you are in a small number of agents, it is possible to get the final, can not find the agent, or you do big, the domain name is threatened by the agency, in our transactions, met a few situations. And bigger, the agent does not put the domain name firmly in the agent hands, painful stationmaster on tenterhooks. All life is the site of the domain name of a day, not just in hand, Undue delay may bring trouble.

In fact,

is also a large number of domestic registration. China channel, network, business Chinese, Beijing, xinwanghulian. Medium resource.

if you are a webmaster, especially large webmaster, a website is worth hundreds of thousands of, don’t mean the agency fee of 1000 yuan. Many registered agents to register a primary agent, prepaid fees will be 1000 yuan. As a webmaster 5-10 domain name renewals 2-3, also need to spend nearly 1000. The biggest advantage of this is that you are firmly in control of the domain name. Not in the lifeblood in under the control of others. Especially under the control of an unfamiliar person. See some webmaster is very painful to say, can’t find the domain name agent. The run away, the shutdown, not renewals…… Too many questions. Or in order to cheap, and in the Taobao to find some cheap agent, is a very dangerous thing.

if you want to expand the site, suggest that you choose a registrar, a secondary agent, easy, convenient management. Or to find a reliable agent must be selected to transfer domain agents, such as money, and then transferred to his agent, don’t be here for a domain name, where one of the expired renewals are very painful.

I wrote the Registrar within the domain name transfer scheme with   it can have some small change, look with notice of registration of business, or pay attention to the Registrar of customer service. Recently saw a lot of webmasters in the domain of the domain name trading transactions, the transfer of the domain name is difficult to solve the problem is very serious. To give more reference to the webmaster is bigger. Can you apply for your own domain name agent. Please contact me if you have any problem with the application, or if you need help, QQ 470666, maybe I can help you.

Registrar (agent) (agent)

in fact we can directly become the agents, just pay 1000 yuan. Rather than the value of tens of thousands of domain names on an unfamiliar agent, it is better to direct the

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