After leaving a year after being expelled from the Baidu professional ethics committee punishment di

March 10, 2017

Sina Technology Li

due to open a serious violation of a number of letters of notification, Baidu Inc ethics committee in this year’s attention.

just recently, this mysterious Baidu internal mechanism and one-time informed the 17 cases of serious violation case, involving 30 employees, the most light fired, harsh nature have been due to judicial intervention was sentenced to criminal responsibility.

but if you do not see sina science and technology reports, Baidu employees do not even know a fan of his resignation after a year, but also bear a dismissal punishment.

, I was a year ago, the normal departure from Baidu, and now suddenly found a more ‘expelled’ punishment, which no one contacted me." Fan think of myself as a scapegoat.

quit a year after being expelled from

early in the morning of September 19th, Sina Technology exclusively learned a Baidu internal bulletin serious case, the bulletin of Baidu since 2016 a number of disciplinary incident was investigated by the management notice, and forwarded to each employee.

Baidu Nuomi which became the hardest hit corruption discipline. In 17 cases of informed discipline, there are 10 from Baidu Nuomi and its local branches. Because the business relationship between Baidu Nuomi and local branch staff interests in convenience scalper, false reimbursement, virtual performance, become the hardest hit by corruption and discipline.

fan is one of the Baidu Nuomi employees in the notification, and because it is particularly marked the identity of interns, more attention in the notification. He had previously worked in Baidu Nuomi’s marketing department to assist in the operation of the market, but shortly after the end of last year, he completed his internship and returned to school. At that time did not involve any discipline, and then did not receive any investigation or investigation to help the phone, but now he has become one of the dismissed employees.

in the Baidu Inc occupation ethics committee opened the letter, fan was dismissed because: the resort to deceit in market activities, prizes will directly to their relatives and friends.

fan believes that the reason is not the truth, he told sina science and technology at the time of the situation.

September 2015, Baidu Nuomi marketing department for a prize to participate in marketing activities, in order to improve the activity of fan enthusiasm, encourage the students around friends and participation, the actual purchase of Baidu Nuomi related card coupons. Because the results of the activities involved in the final situation is not good, and a fan of the students come to the relatives and friends accounted for the majority of users, and finally in accordance with the original rules of the formulation, a fan of the relatives and friends of the students finally become winners.

fan think the whole process is well documented and meet the program, but now he has become a "resort to deceit", and charges: prizes sent directly to their relatives and friends. This is unacceptable to him.

so that he could not accept it all in without the knowledge of the situation. At the end of his normal practice

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