How to do a good job in the exclusive secret hospital brand marketing

March 10, 2017

many hospital planning departments in the marketing of the hospital, the more important is the brand marketing. Because we all know that the importance of brand marketing for the hospital is very large. Because, a hospital brand do, in the late as long as the maintenance can be. So, how to carry out the brand marketing hospital today, Sun Chen exclusive secret: how to do a good job in the hospital brand marketing, I hope you can have a better idea.

what is brand marketing?

Baidu encyclopedia is defined as brand marketing: brand marketing is through marketing to customers on the formation of the cognitive process of enterprise brand and product, is the enterprise to gain and maintain the competitive advantage, we must construct high quality marketing concept. The most advanced marketing is not the establishment of a huge marketing network, but the use of brand symbols, the invisible marketing network built to the public mind, the product delivered to the consumer heart. So that consumers choose to recognize this product consumption, investors choose to cooperate with the enterprise. This is brand marketing.

Why does

hospital do brand marketing?

hospital marketing can not simply rely on the amount of treatment, but also need to pay attention to a brand. As we often talk about the mouth of a hospital so good, this is a real group of marketing methods. The reason why we want to do brand marketing is: we want to establish a marketing approach to the image of the hospital in the public mind, so that the public believes that this is a trusted brand. Many hospitals do not attach importance to this point, but sooner or later will do brand marketing, because any hospital is bigger, then, the achievement of their own brands, the other is much easier.

exclusive secret: how to do a good job in the hospital brand marketing

1, the fundamental guarantee: technology, no other technology are the clouds.

a lot of private hospitals and public hospitals want to grab the user, but it is not technically valued. Led to do marketing, but there have been a lot of negative. I believe that not all of the negative peer hair, in the end whether it is the real patient’s hair, I am afraid that only their own clear. In 2005 to carry out the "China first large hospital brand marketing research", on the 11 center city 2O large three hospitals carried out survey of brand marketing. In the study found that 5l% of patients believe that the medical technology in the hospital brand constitute the first place, reflecting the public awareness of the hospital brand is still dominated by medical technology.

shows that the technology is very important for a hospital. In particular, now for a disease has its own characteristics of treatment, whether through the authority of the state certification, this is the real effect. So, when it comes to here, you have to consider whether your hospital has these real technology can be promoted, of course, these technologies must be real, not including advertising.

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