Business China DNS server failure a large number of sites can not access

March 10, 2017

IDC China circle in July 3rd reported: July 2nd at about 13:00 p.m., IDC China received users reflect the business circle of China ( DNS server problems, resulting in a large number of business China DNS service cannot access the domain name.

announcement content:

2 at noon on our part of the DNS server by large flow DDOS attacks, our technical staff after the replacement of IP, strengthen the firewall protection level after the problem is initially solved; because of the huge amount of attack, firewall rule set must be more strict, leading the public DNS Telecom parts can not get resolved. If this happens, please contact us to inform you of the area, and the public DNS you use, I will be in the shortest possible time to deal with the problem. We are also trying to make all public DNS can get the normal resolution.

apologize for the inconvenience caused to you!

business China


this is the report of the IDC circle, and now BIZCN has been able to access the.

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