Pat Network, said the beautiful subsidies to businesses this is what

March 10, 2017

is a Jingdong incorporated pat Network has begun remodeling, Jingdong said the new pat Network in the next 3-5 years is not for profit, will give the seller 1:1 traffic and advertising subsidies, which businesses spent much money on advertising, pat will back the original amount of subsidies. Prior to this, has been the transformation of the electricity supplier shopping guide website beautiful announced the launch of the beautiful 100 program, will focus on supporting millions of high-quality female businesses. Taobao also has a variety of preferential policies for the big business of the unspoken rules, such as the threshold of the activities involved in the basic set up for large businesses.

business businesses have moved to move, what is in play? Between operators and users, should not have the user in order to attract business


natural subsidies behind each of the difficulties, taobao.com is a variety of brand shops road line, because the big brands such enterprises have money is always better than individual Haozhuan, the implementation of care policy objective is "to give candy, and then seek money" means, of course, Taobao is here to seek a; beautiful said this has huge user own business website, because in the transition period, plus a variety of financing after the money is not bad, it is the lack of business when betting money to businesses is excusable; then the new pat Network? After the Jingdong a renovation, has launched a new line. A 1:1 subsidy policy, why are anxious to attract business? Or C2C properties of pat, change the face of a club, in the case of missing user and it can bring much effect of


we look at Taobao, beautiful and pat the new network of subsidies and possible results.

taobao.com users is undoubtedly the three cases in one of the largest users, a subsidy is minimal, we can even say that without subsidies, at least there is no obvious written subsidy policy, but in a variety of online activities, and many of the provisions of restrictions are explicitly rejected a large number of small and medium sized businesses, we will be it is dark Post Bar, Taobao "subsidy" is the three in one of the best, why? Most users, the conversion rate is not bad.

beautiful say, different from taobao.com and pat Network is beautiful, said although also has a huge user groups, and the conversion rate of this batch of user groups is the tallest of the three, but was formerly the nature of shopping guide website determines its short board: the lack of high-quality businesses. After the first act of financing course is stepping up the pace, the introduction of high-quality businesses, said itself occupies the conversion rate of beautiful user groups advantages, attracting little business problems mentioned above, should be the biggest problem is that businesses have, both used to reconcile, namely beautiful look guide the product user groups is also to ensure high conversion the rate of.

is the next pat Network, currently its the worst conditions it is in three, although there are Tencent, Jingdong two trees, but the trees are not had similar sweet fruit growers to go fishing, fishing and how even the king, all have to start from scratch. The lack of massive users, especially.

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