O2O is a community service ready for business transformation

March 10, 2017

O2O hot, more and more business with O2O coat, and more and more fine, vertical differentiation. However, most of the initial choice of vertical market segments of the enterprise will eventually be integrated, which is the only way for the development of enterprises. In the current wave of gold rush O2O, vertical segmentation is just the market entry point, who can become the first comprehensive O2O platform is the biggest winner.

community service O2O model with platform value

in my opinion, in addition to Ali, the U.S. group, Suning has the certain market size of the business platform has a chance of becoming a O2O platform, may finally become the breakthrough point of O2O platform from community service. The consumption generated by the people, especially the O2O more prominent geographical features, and community and people close to the most basic necessities of life, is the longest living people stay unit, it is the smallest unit of logistics distribution network shopping links in the. Community has a very large platform value, community service is the most likely to become the market entry point O2O platform. Because no matter what kind of service, and ultimately need someone to spend, and the home is the home of the people, hundreds of thousands of families into a community, the community as a unit has become a common form of settlement.

mainstream business O2O have focused on the CBD business district local life service development, because the O2O is out of step by step in the development of group purchase derived from the electricity supplier, through the local life service to attract consumers, CBD business district consumer sites is O2O early development are the most ideal starting point, has been taking, just the consumption path is built up by the electricity supplier. Today, O2O’s market development is mature, O2O market has not only limited to the group to provide catering, entertainment and other local consumer services, O2O covers a broader market space.

O2O has regional characteristics mentioned above, several community formed a district level administrative region, dozens of communities formed a municipal administrative area, if each administrative region represents a region, the community is the basic unit of a city, a city of the consumer market is brought by these community residents also, the community is the basic unit of consumption. City CBD area is the focus of the consumption of the region, in addition to CBD, the consumption of residents is more in the community around the production. Ali, the United States, Suning and other giants are currently focused on the O2O market to seize the lead in CBD, ordinary people have long lost the opportunity to compete with them. In addition to the CBD market, the community market has now become the focus of attention of entrepreneurs O2O.

Unlike the CBD O2O market

District Community Service O2O market is limited to the local life service consumption, because the community as the most basic unit of life, life will have many activities, such as maintenance, domestic demand. These activities can only occur in the community, which means that community service O2O has a broader market space.

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