Delete orders Amazon traced frequent private industrial and commercial departments have been on file

March 10, 2017


Amazon alleged false promotional tracking

– the new express reporter Han Zhen

yesterday, the newspaper reported that the promotion is not stocking and secretly delete orders Amazon alleged false promotions, causing a lot of attention of consumers. New express reporter yesterday on the matter for further understanding, the reporter learned from the Chaoyang District Beijing City Industrial and commercial users accept complaints, complaints from users on the "Amazon unilaterally delete orders", which has been filed.

Amazon tough attitude does not accept consumer mediation

reporter from the staff responsible for the mediation of matters of Beijing City Consumers Association a learned, Beijing City Consumers Association recently received many complaints from users "Amazon unilaterally delete orders, and not in accordance with the" single lock price "commitment to continue to fulfill the orders, they also have communication with Amazon for about a month before the day termination of mediation, Beijing city of industry and Commerce has been in Chaoyang District before the date of filing.


staff told reporters: "in the process of communication with Amazon, we sent a large number of consumers with Amazon’s appeal, hope Amazon can resume unilaterally cancel orders, and in accordance with the original price promotions continue to fulfill orders. However, Amazon has told us that it could not in accordance with the original price in order to fulfill communication, no solution, we will report the relevant information to the Beijing Chaoyang District business district, and the decision to initiate an investigation of this matter."

as of press time yesterday, reporters, Beijing, Chaoyang District, no new progress can be disclosed.


newspaper reported yesterday "promotion but not stocking and secretly delete orders suspected of false promotion:" Amazon in September 5th, Amazon launched a discount code on the site can enter the highest 500 yuan relief watch promotional activities, many consumers in order to sub Mason suffered no goods on the grounds to unilaterally cancel the order, the Amazon explain actually is the product promotion goods less, single user then contact the merchant procurement and so on.

in the consumer with Amazon’s communication, consumers find the promotion ended soon, Amazon still selling the same watches, but Amazon refused consumers hope to continue to fulfill play in the activities of the "single lock price" commitment, and just want to pay to pay 10 yuan gift card trouble. Many consumers said this solution does not accept".

promotions, why has been out of stock products will generate orders, rather than that of stock, temporarily unable to order? Why not advance large-scale promotional activities, considering the inventory? Ran away but Amazon is affordable, be free to cancel the order, after the event and sold with the money commodity, which is suspected of fraud consumers


on the above questions, the reporter repeatedly contacted Amazon yesterday, the company is still not >

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