Why the United States chose to build the company’s Web site operators

March 10, 2017

with the Internet rapid development of economy, traditional enterprises face a variety of operating problems, cost increasing and income decline at this time, many small and medium-sized enterprises began struggling to delve into their brains, new project into the road of business, opened the new world in a unique business model, operation currently encountered bottleneck breakthrough. General startup project business is relatively simple, and gradually expand the scale in the application platform is perfect, at this time the construction site set up server demand is low, the function is bound to differences in the late start-up companies to achieve diversification, more and more services across the terminal, which requires companies to choose the server site support high performance operation. The virtual hosts and the use of space has been unable to meet the current needs of business development, independent server is the entrepreneurial company wise choice.

throughout the domestic IDC market, the United States in recent years, the server market has long been in a state of steady growth, according to a survey of most user groups for startups, why so many startups choose the server? The next nine river network will analyze from the following aspects:

1, the type of business decision to choose the United States server

when the enterprise website user groups abroad and the world, in order to ensure that the client can access the web server is fast and stable, must use placed in foreign countries, because the domestic server network cannot let overseas users end quick access and American server room network is currently in the global IDC market leader in enterprise website, the data is placed in the United States on the server, the client access speed of China mainland and overseas in other areas will be very fast.

2, independent server performance is stronger and more reliable

Compared to the

virtual space, VPS host, the performance of independent server is more powerful, why everyone is very clear, because most of the host hardware, bandwidth, IP etc. are shared with others, and later in the small and medium-sized enterprises development on the performance requirements of the host will be more and more big, when reaching a certain stage, the host performance there is a bottleneck, frequent problems, then you need a high performance independent server to ensure normal operation of the site, each hardware independent server is entirely personal exclusive, the performance of the hardware itself is higher than the main machine, data processing and user concurrency is larger, and the peak period using a separate server is still very smooth; in addition the reliable safety is small and medium-sized enterprise users by hand.

3, U.S. server support remote KVM self-service management

Most of the current United States

server can provide KVM management function, this function can quickly restart reload operation on the server, minimize processing time server emergency problems, domestic and other places there is no realization of remote KVM management functions for small and medium enterprises, server management without professional maintenance. It is simple and convenient is the best, like this KVM remote management work.

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