The use of hot event marketing drainage

March 10, 2017


August event UNIQLO many people say is speculation, but does not officially recognize this is speculation, but in fact many businesses are using UNIQLO’s event of a fire, such as the dress below.


can use the event marketing a violent yellow clothes sales reached more than 1 thousand, is a very powerful person, but this event marketing is not only the clothes, there are others, such as my article is to add someone to my WeChat, this event with more than and 200 a friend, relative to ordinary articles, this event is successful.

wants to make an event marketing, must meet the two aspects, the first thing, the second turning point, the event we can have speculation, a turning point I can do but to do marketing, event marketing, need to be cautious about, is related to the legal aspects of the content, I clearly weigh.


in the reading age, no content is always let people can’t understand what you want to express, whether text, video, pictures, eventually want to let people see is the hot thing, but most are in the main text, because the text is the lowest cost, but also can be a video and pictures, but the cost is relatively high, transmission effect is not good words, so if it is not a special case, we still choose text content. If there is a video, such as large news platform is a hot video.

Similar to the soft

content, there is a great title, plus a burst point content in a turning point in the video title I UNIQLO wrote "UNIQLO room lovemaking is not marketing hype? (video)" title is the focus of the video to everyone all the attention, more comprehensive content, dig out the things that point the protagonist of the event, in addition to the need to add my friend WeChat video, because the video can only be forwarded in WeChat, can not upload to the computer, so I did a little marketing event with more than and 200 friends, all male, live



the event, with the content, it would need to hype, of course if you have a good platform, it is natural does not need hype, if there is no platform, ready for drainage to its own web site, it can go to other platforms fired, most of the platform will accept the hot news script. The hot news manuscript are not connected, and that he also received the manuscript for what? In what platform, then look at you to weigh, which platform effect is good, where to go, I this manuscript is not issued to the. Just posted on my blog.


news is actually a kind of promotion mode, but the promotion is relatively common, the news source submission form is more speculation, in addition to other ways of promotion and I think the best is Baidu know promotion, but a >

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