A website to send information or dangerous goods courier goods will be criminally liable to check on

March 10, 2017



reporter yesterday found that there are still some sites in the sale of imitation guns. Screenshot

Beijing News (reporter Guo Chao), narcotics, firearms and even eavesdropping software of these explosives, in reality definitely not selling things, but quietly formed a "black market in the network". In the future, the website such as the release of these transaction information may be subject to criminal responsibility.

personal ban on Internet release dangerous goods information

yesterday, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and other seven departments jointly issued the notice on strengthening the management of dangerous goods information on the Internet (hereinafter referred to as notice) from the beginning of this month. "Notice" provides that individuals prohibit the release of any hazardous materials on the Internet information, where the release of any hazardous material information on the network units, must submit the relevant license.

"notice" requires the release of dangerous goods information on the Internet, Internet information service license, release access, access to review, record inspection, inspection and other aspects of the strict control of the five links.

website found that dangerous information should be immediately deleted

yesterday, the reporter through the network search engine input firearms, search results show that according to the relevant law part of the content can not be displayed. Search out of the site, there is no simulation gun trading information. But if the input in the search engine "guns", can still be found some communication simulation gun forum users using QQ chat with each other, the online publication of the QQ number of users have been separated by the symbol.

Beijing police said it has now created an online monitoring enforcement mechanism, the capital net police, the real name of micro-blog will spread these harmful information website, users warning. In addition, the "notice" is also clear for the first time, the Internet information service providers found on its website published information, there is obviously a breach of the dangerous goods information, shall be deleted immediately, keep the relevant records, and report to the relevant departments.

Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps will regularly check the site release, to strengthen the management of the electronic bulletin board, whiteboard, forums, chat rooms, message boards, virtual communities, etc..

police said that the site should cooperate with the government departments to strengthen the supervision of dangerous goods information on the Internet, the timely removal of illegal information online. For refusing to delete, the public security organs will be informed of the closure of the site and punished according to law, the constitution of the crime will be held criminally responsible.

Express items to each security check

according to reports, online sales of more illegal items including false, counterfeit, illegal drugs, firearms and other illegal personnel, and covert means.

investigators said, in particular, network sales, generally through the network chat tool exchange, and then through the logistics >

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