Comprehensive website should be how to promote

March 10, 2017

In fact, the

website promotion said it is difficult to say, simple is not simple, first to determine their target groups, the website of the audience, then we need to find the target groups usually range. With these two prerequisites we then determine their own promotion methods!

below we introduce in detail how to promote a comprehensive website:

first, how to make the site to allow users to know and visit your site, the main methods are as follows:

(1): this method is simple and word-of-mouth marketing, when users tell another user of your web site, your site is successful, Google and Baidu, I also from friends know where, oh


(2): search webmaster circle in the mix of people know, personal website once left the Baidu big brother, basically very miserably, Baidu is an important part of the site usually sources, accounted for about 70-80%, so the key to study the search engine is necessary.

(3) links: with the same type of Web site for the exchange of links, can be appropriately increased site visits, a good link will enhance the weight of the search engine

(4): Email, QQ and other such as mass, forum, function code block etc. can achieve promotion can achieve the promotion of the site, including the traditional name card, packaging, traditional media and so on, but these methods are mainly for relatively strong, the more time spent, that is not suitable for the individual I like the www.qzhishi.cn site using


two, the site has been promoted, and how to make the user visit and rely on your site, below I introduce a simple way:

(1): This is definitely the priority among priorities, like large news portal, these, they rely on is not only famous, is the main content in a timely manner, the user only to your content of interest can continue to visit your site.

(2): add some utility functions like my China knowledge network, such as the weather forecast on the top, comments and so on, when these functions if the user is think of practical interest, will also retain user


(3): my interest is a comprehensive website, can only provide a network of free resources, so not much interest in this area, if you are the guest or other, more for the user to provide some useful, such as very cheap products, free service and so on, believe that a good way is to keep user


(4): members by providing free technical support for members, for some things, such as I learn the computer is, so to build a computer group, help some entry-level rookie to solve some problems on, is also a respected web site is through the network to promote the theory of

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