Ali’s new retail sample the collection of hundreds of nternet brands, such a vegetarian life play O

March 10, 2017

double 11 this year, Alibaba proposed new retail era of high-profile. As a new retail business Ali line set shop, prime life first played double 11 shops celebration activities, waiting on a new retail model of combat. This means that the model represented by the vegetarian store will open a new retail revolution.


in February this year, the new retail business establishment, its business model is to get through online and offline, the establishment of a new retail brand pool (Amoy brand), while the line from the retailer brand pool selected brands, the establishment of cross-border category + content + composite stereo display of the store, online and offline from time to time with the same price, per week a new synchronization, a new online and offline open new consumer shopping experience, 24 hours is not closing.

this mode is the background, present, physical sales facing competition severe, commercial real estate closed shop tide emerging Internet brand development in the pursuit of the line, in the face of difficult operation, channel disunity predicament.

as a new retail platform business model model shop, in September this year, in life the world’s first O+O model of cross-border collection store officially opened in Chengdu, producing 59 cross-border cooperation with the Internet brand, involving clothing shoes and bags, home textiles, Home Furnishing, Home Furnishing intelligent digital technology and other product categories of goods. Opened so far, the price has exceeded 2 million yuan monthly sales.

big data boost the whole channel open up


this element type set into the Chengdu store, natural fall foliage, flowers floating leisurely, even came to the birds, filled with a whole Sen Department of tonality. The store entrance on the wall, hanging in the settled type set store brand, Oriental minimalism, Yin man, fairy pocket, Aka found in the eye. It is understood that the type store located in the 25 year old to the age of 35 female consumers, the entire design with a forest screen to create a relaxed shopping environment, prompting each Internet brand naturally into the store.

founder Lin Xuebo, was originally a line retailer. In a process for more than ten years, he saw the traditional retail electricity supplier by the impact of industry, do not want to give up the online market, but also concerns in existing channels interests, to develop the so-called "special" online sales, leading consumers are not unified for online and offline brand awareness. It is not conducive to the development of the brand, but also not conducive to channel laying.

future retail model should be online and offline interoperability, traditional brands will be online development, Internet brands will fall under the line channels." Lin Xuebo said that after he had tried to help the Internet brand floor line shop, but due to the lack of integration of membership management, supply chain links, payment and technical support encountered bottlenecks.

this year, Alibaba proposed a new retail business model, emphasizing the comprehensive integration of online and offline, the use of Ali commodity resources + big data analysis, >

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