The largest global file exchange site Pirate Bay changed hands at the end of August

March 9, 2017

, Stockholm, July (Xinhua) – Swedish software company "global gaming factory X" 30, announced that it will complete the acquisition of the world’s largest file exchange site "Pirate Bay" in the year of this year, on the 30 day of  .

"X global gaming factory" in a press release issued the same day that the company will be 60 million kronor ($1 about 7.6 kroner) acquisition of "Pirate Bay", currently has 30 million SEK funds. "Pirate Bay" will introduce a new business model, in accordance with the provisions of the international copyright law continues to secure development, and to ensure that resource providers and copyright owners receive reasonable compensation.


"global gaming factory of X, Hans · Pan Deya said, the end of August after the completion of the acquisition, the company will consider" the two global gaming factory name X "and" Pirate Bay "integration, unified use" Pirate Bay ", in order to ensure the brand visibility and uniqueness.

Pirate Bay was founded in 2003, known to have about 20000000 users. Through the file exchange, Pirate Bay registered users can download a variety of documents, which accounted for the majority of music, movies, etc..

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