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March 9, 2017


technology news (Xiang Xin) July 6th news, since 2015, a series of fraudulent use of the "know the name of the micro-blog marketing account, in the text, screenshots and other forms reproduced know station answer.


know that in several complaints to the micro-blog invalid, decided to protect the original work has been upgraded to legal action, to commission a professional lawyer filed a lawsuit in the form of helping users to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the "original".

recently, in the first batch of 7 "answer works" human rights signed copyright form, or formally submitted to the court prosecution materials, sued for copyright infringement on "know God" and a series of micro-blog marketing account, and have access to court. It is understood that this is the first time the Internet information platform on behalf of the user to cross platform copyright litigation.

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to finalize the action plan to officially launched proceedings, these 2 months, know the team except agreed copyright litigation strategy and lawyer, also conducted a fair fixed evidence, finishing audit infringing content, contact the author and many other basic and complicated work.

know almost all aspects, by statistics, the relevant marketing number issued by micro-blog total over 123 thousand. Due to the number of notary content too much, know almost team abandoned the copyright page by page screenshot of the traditional way of using "Notarization method video". With the help of a computer screen video tools, one by one to open the door to each user without authorization to know the user, micro-blog quickly confirmed. Fair video length of 30 hours, 56 minutes and 16 seconds. In addition, the marketing account selected shots reproduced, and comparison of existing machine tools can not complete picture words, so the knowledge on the copyright team using artificial audit form, invited 10 known users according to the picture to retrieve the corresponding artificial infringement station know answer, find the author contact (right after the confirmation of the right).

will continue to follow the knowledge of the existence of other serious violations of micro-blog marketing accounts one by one. On the other hand, knowledge will be based on the original copyright protection on the "pay authorization" and "column appreciation" and other products (function), to further tap the original value, promote the realization of the original knowledge and help to get a reasonable return.

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