Xu Zhaojun venture project bit network was $1 million investment in Li Kaifu

March 9, 2017


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technology news (Lei Jianping) February 24th news, informed sources revealed to the Tencent of science and technology today, the former Xu Zhaojun winger Grand President founder of the mobile Internet products network (diandian.com) has received little innovation works at least $1 million financing plan, star entrepreneur Xu Zhaojun himself has been added to the launch of innovative workshops, and in the office of innovation works.

it is understood that Xu Zhaojun founded little net imitation is the micro blog Tumblr Tumblr since last year, the momentum of development is very rapid, blog users reached 11 million registered users, the number of employees less than 20 people. Xu chose this project mainly due to its low cost but quick results.

from the functional point of view, a little bit similar to the network and Tumblr, positioned as a simple light blog community, users simply click on the mouse can quickly publish, share their favorite content. Little net contains sentences, pictures, novels and video four columns. However, at present little net is in beta stage, users need to enter the invitation.

previously, Xu Zhaojun had said that the first round of financing is nearing completion of the network, such as the signing of the agreement will be officially announced. People familiar with the situation today to the Tencent technology revealed that the network has received little innovation works 1 million to $2 million in financing, Xu Zhaojun I have joined the star entrepreneurs plan Innovation workshop launched, and in the office of innovation works.

Xu Zhaojun to be confirmed, said the network has indeed been a little bit of Innovation workshop injection, Innovation workshop chairman Li Kaifu has also settled in a little bit of network, and very active. Xu Zhaojun said that he joined the Innovation workshop entrepreneur program, will work for a while in the Innovation workshop to get the second round of financing. At present, innovative workshops will also be on this position.

data show that the choice of innovation works 4 investment direction: Mobile Internet, consumer Internet, e-commerce and cloud computing, and design three different incubator for entrepreneurs, respectively, accelerate the plan, plan and plan entrepreneurial approach. Among them, the entrepreneur program is committed to providing experienced high-end talent to create their own new business opportunities, and provide all the necessary resources.

participation in the venture capital project is likely to be a direct investment in the development of innovative factory development investment funds. In addition, participants can also choose to join the Innovation workshop or IWDF by the investment company as a senior management.

Tencent login little bit of science and technology network, found that Li Kaifu has been quite active in it, no doubt in order to attract popularity network. Li Kaifu in the little net not only talk about hot industry, also aired many private photos, including their access to City University Hong Kong was awarded honorary doctorates and photos of themselves in the Facebook speech Mark Chinese introduced their own precious pictures.

Li Kaifu in little

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