QQ2009 want you to give me 2009 P a day

March 8, 2017

January 9, 2008 evening, QQ2009 and TM2008 simultaneously leaked. The first is in cnBeta TM2008 leaked out, and then the websites reproduced, after 10 minutes have been China earth bloom! Site at 8 o’clock in the evening I released the 2009 edition of "Tencent first to download (without invitation Edition)" this information.

accidentally found a delivery of information, QQ2009 released, began to think that the user is funny production, did not expect to see the link was found to really be the official download of Tencent. At that time, cnBeta has not been released, the other major sites did not publish this information. So quickly in my website "QQ 2009 edition first to download (without invitation version)!".

so far IP has checked 2500

QQ2009 Preview What’s new:

1 a new design of the user interface, visual experience more simple and cheerful;

2 comprehensive optimization of the performance of the program, the operating experience more smooth and smooth;

3 to find new contacts, friends are not afraid of more;

4 adds new image features, a more liberal definition of personality;

5 new scene switch mode, work and entertainment free switch two is not wrong;

6 new unread message box function, avoid disturb more efficient;

7 new features online status, personality status more freedom;

8 new business panel features, personal business unified management more convenient;

9 new file transfer function, G storage, speed transit;

10 supports multi language client versions and messaging.

download QQ 2009 Preview preview version (without invitation Edition)



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