Electricity supplier brand marketing to create brand competitiveness

March 8, 2017

in a variety of marketing practices, we all know that there is a marketing approach is now a lot of companies and even individuals are doing, that is brand marketing. And now in this increasingly fierce market competition, the market position and role of brand marketing has become increasingly prominent. This is particularly reflected in the Internet and the rise of B2C industry, now many products are faced with product differentiation, leading to competitive advantage has gradually fade, and create a competitive brand to become the core business to seize the market.


as a business enterprise how can we build a competitive brand? I personally think there are three points: brand awareness, product, brand culture, the main website.

first point: brand awareness

brand awareness is the premise of our brand competitiveness. Whether it is a traditional business or electricity supplier, to create a higher brand awareness is the first prerequisite and foundation to create brand competitiveness. And now it had already been "sell themselves" product marketing era, now rely solely on providing products and services to seize the market this path has not, so the network brand construction. Remember that a data survey, online shopping behavior, high awareness of the brand is more likely to attract the attention of consumers, thereby directly affecting their purchase intentions.

The establishment of

brand awareness is mainly based on media publicity, including both online media and traditional media such as TV, radio, newspaper and so on. This era of celebrity endorsements with the media is one of the most effective and fastest way to promote the brand, and now a lot of electricity supplier companies are also keen to use this way to promote the network brand. Such as idol Han Geng called into the arm, 58 city hand Yang Mi, handle network is tightly pulled Ge You’s hand; while at the same time the clothing B2C website also launched the customer unwilling to remain out of the limelight, like Han Han, Wang Luodan, Huang Xiaoming is still women online shopping and create a great sensation, dream bazaar to find Fan Bingbing speak to is to make online shopping star endorsement this marketing tool to the extreme.

brand promotion on the Internet, through the search engine to build brand awareness is indispensable. Consumers through the search engine related products more and more awareness of their actual purchase. In this process, the electricity supplier can do is to continue to enhance the brand products or services in the search engine rankings, whether through search engine optimization or through the direct competitive ranking.

second points: product

products are the core of our brand competitiveness. If cognition is the premise to enhance the competitiveness of the brand, then the core competitiveness of the brand is the product or service of the technical force, mainly reflected in the product development, design and technological innovation capacity. The convenience of the Internet provides consumers with a wide variety of products

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