Look at the grass root play Taobao 90 male guest how to earn 100 thousand

March 8, 2017

pro, you are not wrong, not to earn 100 thousand years, not more than 100 thousand months to earn, earn 100 thousand weeks, but a day to earn 100 thousand, exactly ten. It is strange, it is a joke! But it’s really not Arabian Nights. Why male grass root a 90 so fierce? Listen to me for your road to


June 12, 2014 6 pm, I and several friends group discussion by writing title and discussed the issue of wages, a group of friends at the time that he had got 10 thousand and 5 monthly salary, but also about 100 thousand other perks, this let me not have grass root webmaster envy etc.. This time, a 90 shoes, broke a sentence, I was most of the day to earn 100 thousand more than


I’m K, this is definitely an explosive news, I thought that the goods are not bragging force, and other groups of friends is also the same as I think. And it finally patience we taunt. Decided to give evidence. And we’ve got each other behind moved a small bench, listening to


and then he slowly told us his own day to earn more than 100 thousand of the true story, he is to do Taobao guest, said Taobao guest many people are not strangers. However, most people do not have to make money to make Taobao. Why he can one day earn 10 thousands? Because he had a good time last year Taobao double 11! Everyone knows? While he was in the group to see someone selling electric double 11q grab the goods using this book help, he bought when seemingly spent only a few dollars



double steal goods collection

believe that Taobao customers to see this picture, the psychological side has a number of ideas! Yes, he is using this excel form, and then all of the inside of the address replaced by their own Taobao link. Then, he began to each big SkyDrive to upload, and then share the link! Also includes various platforms, can send all! And all this is before the advent of double 11 do



watercress news

this is a screenshot on watercress, of course, he not only made this a platform, including QQ space, QQ group, can take advantage of the use of the

!Of course, this is not a sure card

. Because you have uploaded to SkyDrive, no one download so people will think of no value. Then he spent money on Taobao bought a SkyDrive brush downloads, download the amount of brush to tens of thousands of someone believed in this book is in effect! The effect, you can guess! When the Guan Jian came, that is the double 11 day. Let’s take a look at the screenshots!


The software

SkyDrive automatic brush DownloadsHow many passengers ordered the

to look at Taobao envy to envy volume! It makes it a little boring master from the grass root day into.

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