O2O is the United States and the United States and other sites can buy a smooth transition

March 8, 2017

After the

group war, group purchase industry numerous casualties, the industry generally believe that the group purchase industry will no longer have the courage to sink. Do not want to, the sudden rise of the concept of O2O, buy also take advantage of this life-saving straw. Literally understood, O2O is simply to buy and born. But the group purchase occasion O2O corner overtaking, the smooth promotion of


behind the vanity of group purchase

is always after the depression, again and again. At first, group purchase industry how scenery, its simple and fast rough effective product model to make countless entrepreneurs crazy. The same piece of cake, eat more people, and more hungry. Thousands of war to the present, only can handle, the U.S. group, rice, comment, Wo Wo Group. It can be regarded as the same echelon, but there are differences. After the war, all bones, bloody lessons.

Yu Yu seems, the more simple and effective business model, the higher the threshold. We can think of the simple things who don’t want to do it. Entrepreneurs want to do, giants want to do. The more simple the product, the more the need to invest in human and financial resources. In this matter, the giant also know how to use capital and human resources to copy simple and effective products.

behind the vanity, seemingly to game over the group purchase industry. In fact, the silence behind, are various sites in the hard skills. Several sites are like a new round of price wars. The U.S. group released 1 yuan to see the movie said, glutinous rice is more direct, 10 Fen movies, lashou atmosphere is more direct, please users free movies also lose money.

compared to a few years ago the crazy burn the burn group purchase industry, more targeted. At least, the group is still, perhaps will upgrade. No matter how simple the business model of the site, the demand is still strong, and will be diversified development. Early buy site is like an information intermediary, trading information. Now, buy site want to stand firm, there are many things to do.

mining iceberg experience is king

users are moving at any time, the user needs to travel may change anytime, anywhere, in the buy site APP can well reflect this point. Or it can be said that the group is the predecessor of the O2O concept, O2O covers a wider range of information, O2O need to move. Now buy the industry has gone through the initial era of information intermediaries, more to lure users to move to the end, so that they are in a favorable position. When our weekend leisure, like a store delicacy, we will first buy a group purchase group purchase securities in APP, traditional thrifty.

I believe that many friends will encounter such a situation, especially with friends shopping, eating and drinking demand has been changing. At this time, there will be a problem, too many people at the same time brush APP, good APP end user experience? For example, we are waiting for the meal in a delicacy shop, see the group purchase coupons, but life is not out of the brush, this is how.

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