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March 8, 2017

1 registered network platform recently officially access Taobao life

reporter was informed that the registered network platform has officially access to life in Taobao, opened in Beijing, Shanghai and other 18 provinces and municipalities and more than more than and 600 hospital outpatient service appointment of experts. From now on, the public can log on Taobao live registration appointment.

it is understood that during the Taobao life and registration network cooperation, to provide the main booking service is still registered network access, hospital number source reservation success tips, visit information notification experts stop health professional services are provided by registered network. Currently support the function of the region are: Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other 18 provinces and cities. However, in order to prevent the cattle infested, online registration requires an identity card, mobile phone number, dynamic verification code three identity authentication.

2 sellers do not play to play missing Amazon open platform is now drawbacks

finally online Amoy to the beloved books, expectantly waiting for nearly a month, the seller has a variety of reasons to postpone delivery, then simply do not answer the phone "disappeared"! Recently, this newspaper received such a complaint, this "unscrupulous" businesses is non – Amazon third party merchants.

2011, Amazon China opened third party sellers platform. On the one hand, the open platform to the Amazon has brought a lot of profit, but on the other hand, Amazon’s third party sellers on the Internet is also a constant complaint. Last week, the media exposed the Amazon and China third party sellers selling pirated books a lot of news. Due to the poor access and supervision of Amazon in China, the third party open platform drawbacks increasingly exposed.

news: http://s.admin5.com/article/20130521/505049.shtml? 1369125048

3 media said Zhang Zhaoyang unwilling to become a supporting role to the

chip Qimou Sogou

recently, the market spread on the surface of Sogou Sogou romance, "married", but the degree of information transmission affects the China IT circle pattern. The evening of May 8th, there is news that the 360 proposed price of $1 billion 400 million, to form a wholly-owned acquisitions Sogou convertible. The negotiations have entered the end, basically reached a cooperation framework, and the 360 bid for Baidu, Sogou object and Tencent etc..

want to buy large video sites to provide more content, while Sogou search for strategic investors." May 17th, chairman of the board of directors of the Sohu and CEO Zhang Zhaoyang’s position, further exacerbated the drama drama sogou.

Internet expert Chen Zhigang believes that Zhang Zhaoyang is not willing to become the Internet industry supporting, Sogou is the most potential assets to be optimistic about the outside world, this is perhaps one of the biggest bargaining chip for Sohu.


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