Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of using the website to pay for advertising

March 8, 2017

with the development of Internet, more and more websites choose to pay by way of profit, now the most common is the use of paid search engine promotion, website ads, release the soft and other means of paying for publicity, to pay for advertising to some owners to earn money, but also have many webmaster lost in that I was the one who lost, after 3 months of Baidu promotion practice, a total investment of 35000 yuan, the actual income of 23000 yuan, a loss of 12000 yuan, the 12000 yuan is no artificial fee and so on, the cost of investment is at a loss, the author will get a few months the payment experience on advantages and disadvantages about the website using the payment of advertising.

The advantages of using

to pay for advertising:

, for individual webmaster, pay by the way to promote the website is very simple, convenient operation such as personal webmaster, I a person at the same time promote the 3 site, and every day what all need not do, do not need to update the article, but do not need to send external links, website keywords are firmly in the Baidu top three, this is to pay for the benefits of promotion, if you have the money, so to pay promotion can save a lot of things, for example, every day we do not need to sit on the edge of the computer has been editing the original article, release of external links, only need to watch a movie, a cup of coffee, when people buy website to busy on the line, can be said to pay to promote one of the largest benefits is simple and convenient for the owners to bring.

two, the quick pay promotion, pay the promotion you only need to have a website, and then apply for Join Baidu Business Promotion, Join Baidu Business Promotion is also very easy to find a Taobao agent on the line, it can be said that the entire process down or website a week you can start making money, when I promotion of the first site in only three days on-line, on-line second days into the first business, relatively slowly to optimize the webmaster website ranking, website promotion, pay promotion effect is very fast, can be said to bring the joy of harvest mood for countless webmaster.

three, pay promotion to expand channels wide, as long as you are willing to pay, so not what can not give you the promotion, before November 11th, Tmall mall is not only on advertising in the Tencent, is well-known, sina.com.cn ifeng.com and so on do the push advertising, can be said to pay for promotion the channel is very wide, as long as you are willing to stand in, then there is no impossible things, we can also find advertising alliance to promote diversification, pay promotion diversity also determines the flow of the.

four, the introduction of paid promotion flow, accurate flow wide, we are paid promotion time is not only can bring more traffic, but also in the introduction of webmaster flow at the same time bring more traffic, such as we in the Baidu search engine in the key word set can only set the specified keywords, and widely ignored matching word >

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