nternet backbone nodes across the country was interrupted by floods caused

March 8, 2017

"Hello, your website is very slow, is not being attacked?" at noon on July 23rd, open the mailbox, see enthusiastic users sent e-mail, said our website is very slow.

then close with the IDC service providers to communicate, our server is hosted in the Western Telecom Data Center in Shaanxi, the service provider is a shining internet. Contact with the computer room personnel, service providers to provide Ip address, and tracert routing test results.

40 minutes later, the light of the relevant person in charge of the Internet to reply to e-mail, indicating that from the point of view of the message, is to Beijing backbone network may be a problem, the specific reasons need to be further verified.

in late July 23rd 9, glorious Internet relevant responsible person answering said, got a notice from the telecommunication operation Department, currently Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other places, by the flood reason, the destruction around the backbone network in different degree, is now actively repair, but there is no specific time to repair.

determine the reasons for the failure of the force majeure reasons, the author of several commonly used in a large number of Web site routing test analysis.


Figure 1 (Xi’an Telecom ADSL to Baidu router test screenshot)

the author according to the routing track, in the seventh jump network delay suddenly become larger, indicating that from here, the network instability. IP138 query through this Ip, found that this Ip is the backbone of China Telecom, Shanghai node. Eighth jump belongs to Beijing Telecom, and then to Baidu’s core computer room. From the beginning of the seventh jump, the network is a failure.



figure two (Xi’an Telecom ADSL to NetEase routing test screenshot)

with baidu.com routing test results are very similar, but also in the seventh jump, reaching the backbone of China Telecom, Shanghai node increased ping.

I also tested a number of other sites, most of the similar situation, and even individual sites can not be opened. It seems that the impact is still great.

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