The real Chinese nternet elite and grassroots

March 8, 2017


I have two friends.

L company in Shanghai, most of the time running in Guangdong. He is a lesser known university in Southern China, small eyes, simple man, many years ago, a literary youth. Dude, do mobile phone games, I saw him make several mobile phone, but the most expensive one but also more than 1 thousand dollars. The concept of Web2.0, compared to what the mobile Internet, he is more concerned about the Pearl River Delta and the edge of the city tens of millions of migrant workers of college students "ant", how to care for? In Dongguan snack stalls together with their beer in the Foxconn factory at Internet cafes brush night, with do their business on BMW’s convenience store owner……

W cat in Beijing, Zhongguancun. He was a young boy with a big head and bright eyes. He had a very good mathematical and logical thinking. He was fluent in English and chinese. After graduating from a famous university in the capital, W went to the United States to get a master’s degree, and then returned to China to start a business. I always feel that he is the Chinese version of the Silicon Valley Geek. New technologies like iPad, I can always find him in the first place. He is also home to Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, with Foursqure people. What is the future of the Internet, W do the site on behalf of the future of the internet.

W has more applause and fame than L. But unfortunately, he did a few even investors feel cool site, but has not earned a lot of money. The reasons are as follows: nothing more than either up early, but was a lot of cut counterparts to encircle; or because access to funds, can only make big companies a more resourceful and eaten directly, do not know what the root of the high voltage contact by the competent departments directly suspended.

L’s business is really a lot of money every day, he has been able to play golf, but he did not want to tell the people he did not earn money. Say no one believed, copycat machine hundreds of thousands of monthly salary of less than 2000 of the wage earners took 300 dollars to buy the company to play L games, in other words gave him a monthly contribution over 100 yuan ARPU, one of the ten points, they are most willing to give it to income L. I sometimes think impassability, W for the customer is clearly Beijing, Shanghai most of these cities have the ability to consume the elite. Why are they willing to spend money to buy the most expensive mobile phone, notebook computer for the latest, the best restaurant, but what are free on the internet.

circle recognized, as long as it is W do things attracted onlookers. Peer or media, marketers, word of mouth, website traffic and users is almost a straight line to jump up. But the strange thing is, after a long time to stop rising momentum, starting with the heart of the same old comrades back and forth. I also asked L, he did not have these grassroots users have their own computers, not to mention 3G, exactly how to explore? L smiled and said, Internet cafes are not the most effective channel. There are many convenience stores around the factory

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