Poly Amoy network Li Mingshun buy search will replace navigation

March 8, 2017

editor’s note: with the surge in the number of buy goods, the birth of the group search mode. What is the difference between the group buying and navigation? What is the development trend of the future? TechWeb interviewed Amoy Amoy network founder Li Mingshun, asked him to talk about the development of the group search.


figure for Amoy Amoy network founder Li Mingshun

has seven or eight pm time, the establishment of two month start-up companies together Amoy network is still brightly lit, many employees are still fighting.

poly Amoy network is the third venture Li Mingshun, after he had founded online advertising platform advertising Internet connection, in 2005 to join Discuz. This time, he aimed at the fiery buy market, based on the search to buy the vertical industry, and asserted that the search will replace the Group buy navigation.

why do buy search?

Li Mingshun said, optimistic about the life of e-commerce, bullish market. After the acquisition of Tencent Comsenz 9 months, Li Mingshun was responsible for the QQ group purchase business operations.

chose to buy search, Li Mingshun said, first of all, the survey found that the user in the purchase of the site’s retention rate, significantly lower than in the group search and buy navigation retention rate. Second, from the point of view of the identification of memory, the user of the site to buy thousands of recognition rate is low, but also want to buy a one-stop solution to buy goods.

can not imagine the user to remember more than ten sites to buy the site, users do not bother to do this thing, this time to buy a huge search space." Li Mingshun said.

he believes that users in a single buy site, and there is no need to buy the demand, more is caused by stimulating consumption, while the search is to meet the user’s active demand. When buying behavior more and more rational, become the user’s daily consumer demand, more will use search tools to achieve, then we will compare the advantages."

Li Mingshun said, poly Amoy network search and search search group purchase navigation, positioning is the first poly Amoy net, but the search may be just a tool in other sites, the search and navigation business group purchase group purchase mode difference. "Like Baidu search and Sina search, who is the first positioning problem." He said.

buy search will become the mainstream instead of buy navigation

with the increase in the number of buy site, but in any single buy site, the user can not see the whole buy information, which was born to buy navigation mode.

but Li Mingshun navigation is not optimistic about the buy, that the future will be the mainstream of the group purchase search, buy navigation over. He gives the following reasons:

first, from the basic format of the industry point of view, buy navigation is to buy the industry has just begun the initial shape. "In the U.S. group, handle, full day together, showing a group purchase navigation page.

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