360 response was millet shield uninstall the software for the user to take the initiative to choose

March 8, 2017


figure 360 shows a customized mobile phone non binding software, has more than 13 models.


technology news September 27th noon news, for millet app store shelves across the board 360 products, 360 companies released today responded that the 360 mobile phone assistant only identifies unnecessary pre installed software, the user can according to their own needs, which do not need to choose to uninstall pre installed software, there is no specific recommendation of unloading. All uninstall behavior, are active users choose to implement.

below is 360 full text:

360 statement: 360 mobile assistant to help users uninstall pre installed software, remove psoriasis

today, millet company said 360 mobile assistant without any reason, it is recommended to uninstall the store and other pre installed software. Thus, millet company in its application store shelves across the shelf 360 products. We believe that millet companies should first communicate with 360, fully understand the actual situation of the 360 mobile assistant uninstall preloaded software, this new feature, and then make a decision. 360 never for any formal application of software products mandatory uninstall recommendations, we always respect the user’s choice, will never help users to make judgments;

for a long time, some of the bad manufacturers in pursuit of commercial interests, a large number of pre installed software in the phone, or even dozens of dollars. These pre installed software is not only rarely used, but also takes up a lot of valuable resources of mobile phones, but even more hateful is that these software frequently push a variety of spam messages in the notification bar, seriously disturbing users. What is more, some even call the pre installed application and its function does not match the authority, steal private information, sneak flow. It can be said that the pre installed software is the mobile phone "psoriasis", the mobile Internet Era "rogue software"! A large number of users do not know how to Root mobile phone, do not know how to uninstall the mobile phone software, provide a strong demand of 360 removal of the "psoriasis" tool.

360 is the mission of the user first, in order to user interests, not afraid to offend a variety of commercial interests. 360 full respect for the user’s right to know and the right to choose, 360 mobile assistant identifies unnecessary pre installed software, the user can choose according to their needs, which do not need to uninstall the pre installed software. Once launched, it will be highly praised by the majority of users. 360 mobile assistant for all pre installed software equally, 360 if there are pre installed software, the user can also uninstall, there is no specific recommended uninstall. All uninstall behavior, are active users choose to implement.

we know, 360 mobile phone assistant mobile phone preloaded software uninstall function, although after the launch will get users welcome, but will certainly offend various business interests, as of 2006 360 security guards killing rogue software, launched 360 free antivirus, to gain benefits for the user, but offend the entire industry, become.

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