Buy a new round of layoffs in the capital industry is coming

March 8, 2017

after a lapse of six months, group purchase industry has the potential to phone again. Yesterday, there was news that the U.S. mission network recently in secret layoffs, the size of more than 500 people. Although the news was the direct denial of the U.S. mission network, Wang Huiwen, vice president, but in the industry view, the face of the capital of the winter, buy the industry a new round of layoffs may soon come.

insiders broke the news yesterday, said the U.S. mission network recently conducted a substantial layoffs in secret, including the Department of 150 people, including the Department of quality control, finance, sales assistant, marketing, finance and other functional departments. After the layoffs, will cut to the part of the city station "leaving only 1-2". At the same time, there is news that the U.S. mission network layoffs have continued for two months. There is no one-off but multiple batches of layoffs in order to avoid legal risks.

The reporter saw in the micro-blog

, a self proclaimed "meituan TaiZhou Railway Station staff" netizens said that his department has started the "3 Cut 2" layoffs, another person close to the U.S. mission network revealed that the layoffs are editing job, is the direct cause of the background upgrade. The recruitment of the object is dominated by technology.

for layoff rumors in response to reporters, the U.S. mission network, has determined that a competitor deliberately released the news, Wang Hui Wen also said that this round of micro-blog in the "micro-blog attack" "obvious signs. As the number one group buying site, the U.S. mission network requires a lot of talent, not only will not lay off, but also ongoing campus recruitment." Wang Huiwen said in micro-blog. Reporters learned that Wang Huiwen was yesterday in Shaanxi, Xi’an, a college recruit. A few months ago, the U.S. mission network has repeatedly been rumored layoffs storm.

According to the

group purchase navigation site in August 800 days before the release of group purchase data show that in August the domestic group purchase turnover growth of 8% to 2 billion 110 million yuan, but the scale of growth first-tier cities seems to be the bottleneck group purchase. Insiders believe that the rapid growth of the three or four line of the city although considerable scale, but first-tier cities will be the main battlefield of group purchase enterprises scrimmage, and first-tier cities show weakness may be in the next period of time to the second tier city penetration, influence the growth rate and the momentum of development of group purchase industry as a whole.

In addition to the development speed of

continued to remain low, let the enterprise more chilling is, group purchase industry financing is still hard to see the dawn. Chinaventure hit group data show that since the beginning of this year, in addition to have a group purchase business (micro-blog) to obtain financing, group purchase industry no new funds have been determined to enter, change around the entrepreneurs more and more, "group purchase winter" in the capital by the most incisive interpretation. Disappeared in, Groupon 24 coupons repeatedly exposed the fund chain break, after nearly bankrupt, insiders believe that the group purchase industry will usher in a new round of layoffs.

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