The growth of nternet 80 record moreish virtual game world

March 8, 2017

MMORPG is a very powerful form of the game. The MMORPG player has a completely different experience and achievement in the real world by putting himself in a completely unreal world. At the same time, the MMORPG framework of the virtual world is true, because there is every player is a real person. There are all kinds of people in the game, the game in the world of the various relationships, through various methods, it is possible to react to the real world. That is the illusion and reality, it is possible that MMORPG can attract so many people to carry on the reason.


in fact, in the virtual world, the world’s most perfect system than the online game. As previously said, the majority of people are starting to contact the Internet from the Internet cafe, and Internet cafes in nature is mainly to play games.

game is an important part of the Internet, and pickled cabbage MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game online more) is one of the main forms of network game Chinese most popular. I have a lot of intersection with the game media, but there are always people who play these games, they can see the huge impact of these games.

my first contact with MMORGP online is very strange. Specific time can not remember, probably in 2002 or 2003. Mother and live in a corridor of another old woman had a good relationship, he had a son in a normal school. It is a weekend, I do not know why, the day the mother let me go to her house.

old shengqingnanque, so I will go up, to the mother-in-law home, her grandson is concentrating on playing games, I and the old lady what no common language, then almost half of the time, I looked at the big brother was standing behind him to play the game. Later, I know that this game is to create the myth of "legend".

big brother to see me is also very enthusiastic, he did not leave the computer, but the side of the game to introduce me to the game how fun, let me play. I looked at the screen of the game, did not understand what the stimulus, that is, the courtesy of a promise.

surprised me most is not the game itself, but the people who play the game. I saw the big brother with a mouse, one hand on the keyboard. I have never seen anyone who can type and key so quickly with one hand.

brother shouted the spirit of excitement, typing, operation, click, although he sat in front of the computer screen, but seems to have not living here, he has the whole body and mind are in the game. His attention, he said, his the passions are in the game, but has nothing to do with the world around. Although he still doesn’t forget to repeat from time to time, "this game is fun." This is a long time, I know nothing about online games to know how the basic net

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