Happy Spring Festival downtown Three Musketeers team released open source community creative pay New

March 7, 2017

during the Spring Festival, when many users around the horizon, 163IT, CSDN, Techweb and other community, will find an interesting post this post pay New Year’s call, the content is three characters in comic form lively and vivid, humorous reproduction of some of the major events of the 2009 China Internet occurred, at the same time the expression of to all the webmaster and Internet industry the best wishes. Many users are willing to reply the words posted: "very interesting, very creative, a cartoon character is" love ", again can still be hilarious". Only in the A5 forum, a week after the Spring Festival, the post has been viewed more than 4000 times, many users are scrambling to reprint. The post lively performance of the Internet industry events, humorous tone fit everyone’s taste in reading, I guess, this is probably the most widely circulated on the Internet in 2010 during the Spring Festival and the three post pay New Year’s call, live wave lovely cartoon image may also become open source software in the field of stars.

this activity by the Yi open technology laboratory (hereinafter referred to as Jooyea to Tech), jointly organized with Admin5, CNZZ and A5 to download web sites such as the Three Musketeers (iWeb open source together, money, baby) three cartoon image, to all the webmaster and the majority of users to easily pay New Year’s call to convey. Eager for development of the Internet in 2010. (activity page:

through the Jooyea Tech owners to easily pay New Year’s call activity, also reflects the Jooyea Tech attaches great importance to this group of owners and Internet industry. Passed Jooyea Tech rich Internet product vision and team concept. Jooyea Tech advocates open, innovative and create opportunities for the Internet, not just as profitable as commercial organizations or just emphasize the interests of business. Moreover, Jooyea Tech defines success as a rich and prosperous Internet market. In this environment, many sites on the Internet should exhibit the morphology, different style, reflect the personalized, real shape each site of the "character", so that every site "Live", to avoid homogenization. In order to truly use technology and creative services, rich life with creativity, so that people’s network life becomes more colorful. Each group and individuals will benefit from, including many webmasters, the industry and the vast number of Internet users.

Jooyea Tech follows the community interaction to enhance product principle, rather than behind closed doors. This is also the essence of open-source software, so Jooyea and Tech together, even the personal webmaster, also can confidently say: "I am not a person!" never do Beta version, Jooyea Tech, is also will be so: by establishing a good interaction with the user, the user to listen to the advice and criticism, suction >

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