The U.S. group started the second half of nternet comment odds geometry

March 7, 2017

days ago, beauty group comments CEO Wang published an article "the Internet second half what capacity in the people’s daily?" China pointed out that Internet users and mobile Internet users rely on PC rapid growth of "demographic dividend" period has passed, the second half of the test is really work, and through innovation to create value for customers, is Chinese the Internet "second half" need to build new core competence.

earlier, Wang Xing also through the internal mail announced the company’s new organization structure and personnel appointment: the establishment of "catering platform", Wang Huiwen was appointed president of the establishment of catering platform; personnel training platform "Internet plus University", Gan Jiawei appointed as the first president, this is also the world’s first "Internet plus university". These two actions of the United States mission, in the entire Internet circle caused a sensation, but also fired the first shot of the Internet in the second half. So, why did the United States Mission suddenly announced the war into the second half of the


consumer Internet industry towards the Internet, enhance the service ability of the whole industry chain is essential

for Wang mentioned in the second half of the Internet, many people do not particularly understand. In fact, the domestic Internet market after decades of development, the consumer Internet market has gradually saturated, that is, Wang Xing said the sale of the transaction, the user bonus era. In the promotion of Internet plus under the related domestic service industry, manufacturing various vertical industry segments have ushered in a new opportunity: industrial transformation and upgrading. However, looking around the world, but there are few Internet Co in this area has a strong ability, the Internet in the second half of the war has just begun.

Wang Xing said that the United States mission to comment on O2O, from the beginning to the present, it is only a very thin layer, mainly online drainage, which is to help businesses do marketing, do the whole industry chain of the last paragraph. But in the group comments life service providers, the whole industry chain service capabilities are becoming more and more important, it also determines the outcome of the second half of the key, how to enhance the service ability of the whole industry chain has become the focus of the current review mission.

ecology, talent can help the United States to win the second half of the group comment

?The two big

of the United States delegation comment are set up catering platform and build the first Internet plus University, it also shows that the U.S. Group reviews attention to environment and talent. So, the ecological and talent can help the United States to win the second half of the


first, the ecological layout to build efficient service capabilities

the food and beverage platform integrated into the food and beverage business group, takeaway distribution business groups and catering ecosystem. At the same time, the U.S. group also set up a comment catering ecological fund, with diversified capital and resources to support the participation of ecological chain partners, with a more open mind to share food and beverage industry incubation and innovation opportunities.

in the catering investment layout, the US has invested on food boss reference, meal, restaurant, wine easy Xingjian remote batch catering enterprises, involving.

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