The country’s largest homosexual website accused of cheating his wife

March 7, 2017

many people on the site to provide psychological counseling, help the divorce money, then no service, the police involved in


reporter yesterday login China with his wife home site, tips have been temporarily closed. Screenshot

Nandu news Chinese largest tongqi (referring to gay wives) website "Chinese tongqi home", before the date of the alleged fraud in economic disputes. 51 with his wife and his wife, who issued an open letter of concern, said they were related to the site of the money fraud, including the amount of 10 cheated his wife to reach more than 90 thousand yuan. These people have been reported, the police involved in the investigation.

accused of false promises to make money

recently, the Nandu reporter received a letter sent by the gay NGO organization, 51 with his wife and his wife’s concern open letter. The letter said, in July 2011, a department of Shaanxi County of Gaoling Province Jing Wei Zhen Yao Lifen civil servants (with gay husband divorced), began operations in the "home" with his wife China website. Shaanxi man onyield as Yao Lifen’s boyfriend in the site work and activities, and through the 5 ways of money".

open letter revealed that these channels are included in the new application to join the exchange group with his wife, 1000 yuan per person to receive the deposit". Secondly, the application to join the exchange with the wife of the group of volunteers, 2000 yuan per person to receive a "good faith margin", and provide free training opportunities abroad (and so on).

in addition, the site also to sell his wife, professional counseling, monthly charges 150 yuan. However, the payment of his wife in the six months after the payment, in fact, never get any professional counseling. The fourth point, it is to promote the sale of his wife to help solve the divorce and other services, such as helping to force her husband agreed to divorce, help get child custody, housing property, etc.. Initial charges ranging from $6500 to $3000, to continue to carry out additional service charges, up to several million. But after the charges, only the so-called "research" and "appointment", but did not have any substantial help.

website also operating on the grounds of no funds, the introduction of donations to save the site and Dezhou poker investment products. The former YISHION charity donation form, the latter to help operate on the grounds of investment, defrauding his wife from 50 to 20000 yuan. Donation account has never been open to the public, the investment contract is not fulfilled.

website claiming victims

open letter requires Yao Lifen, Yao Yao refund as soon as they collect the money, and the site closed. Yesterday, the Nandu reporter Search china with his wife home, the site prompted the temporary closure.

with his wife volunteers to the south are reporters provided a response to Yao Lifen. Yao Lifen in reply to the sisters who suffered infringement, said in June 11th, 5 police came to her unit to understand the situation. "When I was in the front of the unit and the police, I talked about security."

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