P2P net loan to expose the unspoken rule borrowing a platform two price tag

March 7, 2017

P2P lending platform

recently the reporter consulted several local after the discovery, in addition to interest rates, many platforms also need to pay various fees including platform management fees, due diligence fees, consulting fees, the cost of borrowing in the comprehensive about 32% years.

1 the two price tag

P2P platform borrowing costs are not blatantly, the table of the actual payment of interest and the cost there is not a small gap. In fact, the two price tag which is an open secret in the industry, a more professional version called the nominal interest rate and comprehensive interest rate.

According to industry insiders, P2P platform in order to avoid the suspicion of usury, the nominal interest rate will generally open in the same period in the bank’s benchmark interest rate 4 times less than times. But in order to attract more investors, many P2P platform, especially the newly established platform will be in the form of incentives to provide additional interest in disguised form to investors.

so, P2P platform for borrowers, in addition to payment of the table to the investor’s interest, the platform of intermediary services, there may be other consulting fees, management fees and other fees charged by the eyesight, the industry also called comprehensive interest rate.

so, the decline in the rate of return of investors means that the borrower is bound to decline in the cost of it to understand this problem, we must first figure out the details of the P2P lending platform charges.

borrowing the nominal interest rate is 10%~15%, which is part of the interest income of investors, borrowers are equal monthly principal and interest payments, in addition to the platform and then charge management fees of 0.3% of the loan amount at the beginning of the period. This is part of the online loan application.

The total cost of the borrower under

"s cooperation with institutional cooperation mainly includes: 1. The fee charged by the cooperative organization; 2. Platform cost; 3. The cost of investors, investment income. These three, often higher fees charged by the agency. Of course, may also include some consulting fees and other fees charged by different agencies under the line." He said.

"in addition, the cost of borrowing depends on the level of interest rate decision makers who." Gu Chonglun said that part of the platform is to determine the borrower’s interest rate, the other part, such as pat loan, part of the loan is part of the online application for loans, the loan interest rate is determined by the user itself.

he said that at present, the loan interest rate to the platform to determine some more, most of the platform to do the field certification standards are subject to cooperation with the agency, this part of the platform to determine the interest rate. Because it relates to the small loan companies, Guarantee Corporation cooperation and other services under the cable content, this part is difficult for the borrower to determine the interest rate.

In addition

, "there is a part of a pat on the loan, the loan application online peer-to-peer lending, which is part of the user to determine the interest rate is how much, we according to the audit data, the amount may vary, but the application of the term and interest rates are determined by the borrower." Gu.

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