Shop real name system can really benefit buyers and sellers

March 7, 2017

editor’s note: the State Administration for Industry and Commerce 1 officially announced the "Interim Measures" of the network behavior of commodity trading and related services, to the public for comments, which most attention is the real name registration to open shop person. In this regard, a network management should agree with the real name system, because the real name system to reduce fraud in online transactions, but also can play the role of jiangyoufalie. But there are also not agree with the real name system, that the real name system is not a panacea, consumers really want to be protected, but also rely on the administrative departments to earnestly perform their duties. In addition, the shop real name system will increase the charge has become the focus of attention of users. If you have any comments, please participate in the discussion.


hot debate: Shop real name system will increase charges


text / Chen Yongdong latest news, SAIC decided to implement the Interim Measures for the management of commodity trading and related services on July 1st. Although the General Administration of industry and Commerce has issued a lot of wind on similar news, but the implementation of the timetable to determine the official, or caused a lot of attention. Which is the focus of controversy: in the end, the real name system will increase charges


first, the seller worried: online real name system will increase charges

should say, SAIC has long begun to study the norms of the network sales market, at least two or three years. During the discussion of the relevant management approach, the views of all parties, the industry and commerce departments across the country have adopted a similar approach to management, and conducted a different pilot.


Administration for Industry and Commerce in July 1st since the implementation of the "Interim Measures" of the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management, causing all the sales network in the market concerned, a majority of consumers, a shop owner, a sales network platform provider (such as Taobao), as well as their business sector.

but I feel the most is not the end of the shop owner, they even posted on the Internet "is to pay close attention to the meeting, management fees; attention is the slogan, the implementation is mouth; acceptance is drunk, check is the banquet; research achievement is passing the buck, God is blowing; report is water, the price is." Such comments. That’s exactly what they’re worried about.

to say that many shop owners are not easy, it takes a lot of energy to improve their level of access to the network of consumers of all ages. Needless to say, the general shop owner is most afraid of charges, arbitrary charges. But many of the shop is a small business, not only to solve some problems of livelihood, but also reduce the burden on society, because if the charges "ruined" their business, natural and reasonable in the circumstances justified.

two, SAIC: only mention the standard management did not mention charges

for this new management approach, the relevant person in charge of industry and commerce to answer a reporter’s question. However, it is understandable that SAIC only

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