Xiao Ruizhe the mobile nternet will actively

March 7, 2017

December 4th news, with innovation, integration and development as the theme of the second China local and industry Web site summit held in 4-5, Hangzhou on December 2010. Xiao Ruizhe, vice president of Phpwind theme published in the face of the mobile Internet, we choose to live or die, the keynote speech, the following is the content of the speech.

today in the Alibaba, e-commerce is a good resource of PW, we want to put the value of electronic commerce and group purchase things in the community, good integration with micro-blog, these behaviors can be very good with sina micro-blog sync up. This is a new version of the content we have to consider. In fact, we integrate in cooperation among many of the contents of PW in the design of the product, is certainly a fine product, we use up the products with them is good, look good, but also a reliable.

this morning, we also talked about the founder, we are doing more with you and the client can dominate the attempt to provide you with valuable products. We are very familiar with ALI a Ali Wangwang, was such a good product, PW is the Ali Wangwang move, so that all communities have a this thing? We want to have two this is what we do, or we can’t do something. Is itself a very mature market environment and inside, too much today introduced a pure Ali Wangwang is undoubtedly in harm people, the other is the chat function, itself with the community to share and accumulated from the beginning of this year, I was thinking about this thing, we are probably seven or eight months to do something.

first, want inside need more content subscription service, do so many years of accumulation of value lies in the website, content, content is the most important part. Second is the real-time push of information, in particular, there are media properties of the site, the timeliness of the content is very helpful. For example, some of the features of pop, is to enable users to get these information push. Third, is that some of the relationships and permissions can be obtained through this good. In addition this version is not the Sina micro-blog function, so that customers can easily publish information displayed in the forum and the periphery, but also have more shopping function, Taobao shopping tools, with buyers and sellers to communicate better, this is the default product. There are services in life, you can push some things above, these versions are also more interested in. This is a screenshot we do, every day when the user starts this button, it will find some local information, daily subscription.

we can see a prosperous has upset today, is content based on mutual information, and the service life of auxiliary tools. There are news preview, as well as the new micro-blog. There is also a number of products based on Ali cloud computing, sounds like a very strange today, we can understand this knowledge, you can do a IDC site hosting program. Regular DDS attacks, website >

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