Talk about the horror of the nternet giant Tencent sin

March 6, 2017

      Tencent Inc was founded by Ma Huateng company, from the name of the "Tang" and "news", the communication depends on the successful imitation and beyond Israel ICQ developed small penguin in the Internet group. The early version of the name is OICQ, is Open ICQ, but is now drop Open, even SOFF (Coral author) production of a plug-in, to facilitate the users are using the national policy and tree for negative typical, really let 1 more than ten million Internet users (Coral users) only a handful of.

      Fans QQ as always, I will introduce my full contact and QQ: I am 99 years starting from Mail, net, net 3 days after the last in a small cafe in the Changsha (remember the Star Cafe, called ^_^) saw a "sheep horn" the same interface is to apply the OICQ interface, you can apply for a student said, after the Internet we can chat, then apply a, is a 6 bit number (but then forgot password) it doesn’t matter anyway, like many others, missing number so, next time you go online to apply for a good, continue to apply for the dozens, now almost 10 years later, also left two 7, a 8 bit number in use. When using QQ the feeling is wonderful, the class and students went to the room, to see if there is no receive mail, and then talk about OICQ (don’t stop looking for some Changsha MM chat ^_^), was really feeling found life favorite toy. Then it was boring, half a month do not have that OICQ does not matter. Slowly the third and fourth, idle up, again landing up every day, and different kinds of people talk about some detached "where are you? How old are you?" Occasionally, I was excited to find a fellow student. Slowly made some friends ask you is to be neither hot nor cold, where the Internet slobber every day. Graduation ceremony, one of the busiest thing is to remember the student’s QQ number, cell phone number and write messages. After work basically cannot do without QQ, classmates, relatives, friends and customers, also added some be strangers to each other "friends", since we are using QQ, something to shout about, leave a message of what, but also convenient. QQ has also become a part of life, after landing on the boot, until the shutdown are hanging on the computer. QQ from a network of mobile phone pager transition to a network era, cannot do without. This kind of experience and feeling, I believe that I am not only 71 people, there are quite a lot of people have. There is a mixture of love and hate can not tell the taste, even I do not know why so many of these experiences, and even did not write the real role of QQ in my life. I do not dare to think, China lost QQ, Internet users will be like?

      Tencent Inc relies on a lot of people who love hate

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